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This is one of my 'more recent' things, its more of a poem than anything and it's just how I feel about certain previous 'powerful people' for example world leaders..

Some things are such mysteries,
so many people looking into them,
all you have to do is look at history,
all these burn outs, all these ancient men,
how did they know what was best,
how come they got all the power,
were they thinking about themselves, or the rest?
Because of them so many are sour,
the world will never be at peace,
people like anger, people love war,
I promise you now the guns won't cease,
it stops people from considering their lives as bores,
no-one gets war is something to unite over,
without war whats the point in having allies,
without war I couldn't call a frenchy brother.
All these deaths, all these pointless battles,
they all lead to one thing,
and thats complete obliteration.

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