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I LOVE poetry, it's why i listen to music.

To me, poetry is the next best thing to lyrics. The rhythm of a person's voice reading poetry makes the beat and makes you want to listen.

If u write it, I'll read it :)

Here are two i have written:


Nothing to answer to

To talk about

To hear

No more speaking of now and then

No more I fear

I want nothing else now

I want no more things to do

I want something to help me right now

I want to stop loving you

Can you stop the ignorance?

The rumors?

The glares?

Can you stop the nonsense?

You play the game

But you don't play fair

Drama queen I must be

To deal with your coldhearted a**

To stand by your side when you don't need me

To think that we could last

In the silence

Running away

To see what else you'll pass

The test

No more chances today

Nothing I want to do with you

No more

No way

Go away!

Get out of my life

Because you can't keep your mouth shut

I'm being silent


I cannot hear you

You can't win this fight

You're very bright

But not right

For anyone who might

Take that chance

To change who you are

I can see you now

That you've gone to far

I will stay silent now

And watch what you are

No more of you now


It goes far

2) No Way Home

Cornering the sky

With the problems I've faced

I'm wanting to open my heart

To it's place

It has no face

Nor a way to be seen

But in his eyes

Is where I want to be

My shadow is facing me

Negatively outlined in the blackness that it has

Through time

Through space

Where there is no place

Good enough for me

And right when the sun hits my fingers

The spaces

Are where yours fit perfectly

Love is a powerful thing

Over time it seems old

But only fake love

Is in a heart stone cold

Like ice your kisses felt

No feeling here

Or laughter heard

And the feeling

Is hurt

When no words are said

And I'm dead

Through thoughts of you

And to never speak

Is still hurting me now

And I ask how much more I can take

When I fall alseep

And I wake

To those voices inside

My heart stops

Though I didn't die

I just laid there alone

Silence surrounding me

No way home

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