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why cant old people be more understanding? its not like i dont wish to help them its just that im so busy with my studies that i cant help them! and now they are complainin that i never help them. then wht? u expect me to put my studies aside and help them with unnecessaril stuff and listen to their nagging? they are so inconsiderate! and they are so forgetful! they cook things and they forget about it and they blame me for not helping them to watch the fire! wth! im so pissed by old people now!
now for my class outing tmr! i hate the malays! they are so inconsiderate! they want the outing to start at 7pm! and they asked we chinese to be more understanding cus they are fasting and can only eat after seven! and why cant they be more understanding>? we chinese are having the seven month now which is known as the ghost month. we are not supposed to go out after 7pm for this whole period. and tmr is the 15th day of the ghost month, of cus we have to stay at home. and the malays are so bent in having the classs outing at 7pm! if they want us to be understanding, they have to be undrestanding first! if thats the case then just cancel the outing! postpone it to another day when all malays and chinese have no fasting no ghost month! f*** alll of them! comeon you guys sucks! im really tired of PS0903!

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