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I was lucky enough to interview Far East Movement :) Hope you guys enjoy it: Me: Hi, okay you can introduce yourselves. Proh: Hi im Progress. JSplif: How's it going? I'm Jsplif. Kev: Kev Nish, Far…

I was lucky enough to interview Far East Movement :) Hope you guys enjoy it:

Me: Hi, okay you can introduce yourselves.
Proh: Hi im Progress.
JSplif: How's it going? I'm Jsplif.
Kev: Kev Nish, Far East Movement.
Me: Far East Movement! Straight from New York City. Okay, um how did you guys meet?
Kev: We are High School buddies. We grew up together in Downtown Los Angelos. We all had the same passion for music. We started recording in the attic. Thats how it started.
Me: I've seen you guys live, you give off amazing energy. How does it feel to be on the other side of it all?
Kev: What do you mean?
Me: Watching from the stage, your fans go crazy for you.
Kev: Oh, We are very grateful, i mean everytime we do a show we want to feed of the energy as well as give it off. Its chilling for us to know that people react off our songs and know the lyrics. So great!
Me: Listening to your album, cant help to notice that you collaborated with some cool artists. How did it feel to work with them?
Proh: We are fans of them, we got into this being fans. Working with these awesome people. Meeting these awesome people. It was our dream, we listen to them on our ipods so working with them is great.
Me: What do you want your album to tell your fans? The message.
Kev: We want them to listen to it with open minds. We went in hearing from different prospective and combined different genres and of coarse working with cherry tree records, house of alternative pop let us fuse everything together in downtown Los Angelos mixing it all to make Free Wired.
Me: Last time i was with you guys, Virman was talking about how much traveling you guys have to do. How does it feel to travel so much now?
JSplif: Its great, we see new places..make new friends..try new food..promote the album, fly like a g6..get a little crazy. Its a blessing to meet a lot of cherry bombers.
Kev: Cherry bombersss!!
JSplif: yes yes!
Me: Speaking of food, i know how you guys love food but do you guys cook? Who is the best cook?
Kev & Proh: JSplif!
JSplif: A little bit.
Me: If you can go on tour with anybody, who would it be and why?
Proh: We already went on tour with Robyn..
Me: Robyn love!
Kev: La Roux, being on cherry tree we are able to switch it up..
Me: Who do you like up to music wise?
Kev: Many artists. Beasty Boys, Kanye, Robyn
Me: Is that how DJ Brass Monkey came about?
Far East Movement: Yes!
Me: Who and what inspires you to write your music? Is it the people surrounding you? Your life? Where your from?
Kev: Definitely our life, living every day in downtown LA..having the influence of you know..all the different, scene..the fashion scene..designers and artists. Our community 4CThePower, Cherry Tree, Cherry Bombers, Cherry Tree Rec'ers..everybody..its a combination of things that is our Free Wired inspiration. We are just grateful, grateful for everybody.
Me: You interact with fans A LOT! After the show, online.. You think you can keep that up in the next few years?
Proh: Of coarse, we have to..Its people who brought us here. Its always a part of what we you said, everybody is our inspiration...
Me: Facebook right? Facebook *to JSpilf since he is the only one that does not have one*
JSplif: Ha?
Proh, Me and Kev: Haha
JSplif: Yo No Hablo Engles haha
Me: How is your normal day like?
Kev: Like now..
Me: Traveling, rehearsing, interviews..
Kev: ..Shows..No sleep, thats why we rock the shades.
Me: Yeah i was going to wear shades too, then i was like nahh! haha
Kev: You don't need shades, you have nice eyes..
JSplif: haha she said nahh!
Me: Aww blush! Celebrities usually have a demand list for when they go on tour. Do you have a list? What is on it?
JSplif: Good sound..
Proh: Yeah, Good sound and water..
JSplif: Good sound and water is all we need and a good crowd
Proh: He asks for a hair brush *points at JSplif*
Kev: When things start picking up we want to ask for a taco truck in front of the venue for all our fans.
Me: Aw will it be free?
Me and Kev: Free 99! Hahaha
JSplif: We will get the head chef from King Taco's to come on the road with us
Me: What are the 10 things you have to go on tour with?
Far East Movement: Kev, Proh, JSplif, Virman, shoes, Shades, ties, Laptop, Camera, Black Berries and Brass
Kev: BAM!
Me: Who is the funniest in the group?
Kev: DJ Virman
Me: Well, where is he?
Kev: He has to get the set up ready..
JSplif: You guy's, he is arm wrestling with Brass Monkey
Me: Haha, Favorite color..
Kev: Red and Black
JSplif: Green, Blue, Red.. i like all the colors..
Kev: Proh likes gold
Proh: I love goldddd *childish tone*
Me: Favorite place to travel to..
JSplif: New York City..
Kev: New York is cool..You know we still have to visit a bunch of cities so we cant pick our favorite yet..
Me: Where would you want to go?
JSplif: Australia
Kev: Africa
Me: South or North?
Kev: the whole continent.
Me: Favorite accessory..
Far East Movement: shadess..
Me: Haha knew that.. Coolest things you got from fans..
Kev: So many! You gave us a poster full of fans wishes to us and the plague all pimped out.. We got so many cool things, personally made T-Shirts..
JSplif: Baked goods..
Kev: Too many to list, thank you!
Me: Was different performing on Jay Leno since your families were in the audience?
Proh: We always give it our best, like it is our last performance. We were nervous but we are always nervous.
Me: Do you guys have any rituals before going on stage?
JSplif: Stretch, prepare our set..and there is DJ Virman!
Me: Hi Virman! What did you do with Brass?
DJ Virman: Hi! He has to make sure we got our reroute ready..
Me: Favorite color..
DJ Virman: Black and Silver..
JSplif and DJ Virman: Raiders! Hahaha
Me: 5 years ago, did you know you were going to be where you are now?
DJ Virman: I was still in High School..nahh
Kev: Nah..
JSplif: But i think we would still continue with music if not this success...
Me: What are your goals for the next 5 years?
Kev: Inspire someone in the crowd to get on stage, that would be really cool..
Me: You inspired me but i cant sing haha
JSplif: 10YC!
Me: Your songs were leaked out, did it benefit you or hindered you?
Kev: Benefited because people heard our music..
Me, Kev and JSplif: Cherry Bomb!
Me: Secret celebrity crush?
Kev: Meg from Family Guy..
Me: Hahah whatt?!
Proh and JSplif: Shut up Meg!
Kev: Yeah those glasses..
JSplif: Yeah and that red beanie..
Me: Haha No one else has a crush?! *phone rings with Billionare ..Bruno Mars*
JSplif: Nice, our man Bruno Mars..
Me: Come on *turns to Proh* you dont have one?
Kev: He does.. Bryan! the dog..
Me: Haha nice..
Kev: He likes dogs..
Me: So i guess your favorite cartoon is Family Guy?
Far East Movement: Yess.
Me: Truth or Dare: Who is more daring and who is more truthful?
*DJ Virman looks at me and looks down*
Me: Hahah Daring?
Kev: He is the Dare Devil! He cant tell the truth..
Far East Movement: Dare..
Me: True, you guys dare each other a lot..especially to eat stuff
Proh: *looks at me*
Me and Proh: *start laughing*
Me: People told me to ask you to Whip Your Hair..
Kev: Watch out yall! *everybody leans away*
JSplif: *He did it while rehearsing when i asked the first time, he did it better*
Me: That was horrible, Sorry guys..
Kev: You have to show him how its done so he can do it right *to me*
JSplif: Sorry can't ruin my hair yall, Ive been combing it for hours..
Me: *like a dumb a** start playing with his hair* :( By the way guys, its all hard on top..Sorry..
JSplif: Woah, Its like a lego piece..
Far East Movement: Hahaha thank you Irina *High 5s* We have to go back to finish our set, few minutes left till the show..

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