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Nylon Magazine

I discovered Imogen Heap when I was like 16, 17 and realized there was so much more to these pop singers. I listened to Beyonce and Lauren Hill and realized these artists have a technique. My music is a combination of different things: the production, the writing, everything.I think the reason why I was given the Brit Award was because I have a whole world in my voice, then another whole world in my production.

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Beat Crave

With a diverse set from the 23 year old singer-songwriter, she easily bounced from various moods and styles – a strong quality in a musician who knows the details of her own strength. With all of this seen and heard, it was obvious Goulding was confident in her skin of multi-talent. Ending with “Starry Eyed,” a fan favorite and complete with hair tossing, drumming, and back bending, Goulding surely made an impression on those who weren’t even in attendance. This was a show that will be talked about for a while.

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While I was expecting the show to be fantastic, I don’t think I could have anticipated the energy that was to come from the rising UK pop starlet: Goulding utterly commanded the small stage at Hiro Ballroom, thrashing around with her guitar, whirling her hair, and throwing her head back to unleash a full-bellied howl at least four or five times throughout the night. When the lyrics got bitter, she snarled; when they got emotional, her signature shaky vibrato broke each syllable of her words.

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Ellie’s voice is sincere, calm, almost cute – but strong enough to belt out notes at just the right moments. Paired with her electro-acoustic sound, she’s unique enough to capture the attention of those with a critical ear, but approachable enough to have corporate girls and boys dancing and singing along with her after a long workday.

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