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Italy needs a Tokio Hotel Official Fan Club: 'THOIFANCLUB!'

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THOIFANCLUB, also known as Tokio Hotel Italian Fan Club was born in November 2007 and it has been online for a year and a half now. They have reached 5953 members, but every day they are discovered and joined by new people so their member base is constantly growing.
They, at 'THOIFANCLUB', have daily up-to-date news thanks to all of their hard-working members and their infinite dedication. THOIFANCLUB is a place where everyone is constantly working to make sure things are always updated and running smoothly.
They know what being a Tokio Hotel fan means and they care about each one of the members, that is why they are always working on new projects and their own contests, they give away concert tickets, autographs and original merchandise and they organized the fanactions that took place during this Summer's concerts. They also have an amazing e-team that is always working to promote both Tokio Hotel and the fan club all over the internet.

THOIFANCLUB is a strong team, a family that has been efficiently working for more than a year with just one objective in mind: to support Tokio Hotel and the fans.
Now Universal Italy wants to create a brand new fan club and make it the official fan club. This means that they would throw away THOIFANCLUB's hard work, enthusiasm and dedication. The essence of a fan club is that it is created by fans to show their love, respect and support for a band, which is exactly what THOIFANCLUB has been doing for more than a year, let us not take that away from them.

THOIFANCLUB NEEDS OUR HELP NOW to make sure that their message of love and support for Tokio Hotel is heard by Universal Italy so we ask you, Tokio Hotel fans all over the world, you who are reading this and understand what the love for this band means, to help them by signing this petition.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of the heart of Tokio Hotel fans from all over the world.


Petition to Universal Italy was created by and written by Anna Luisa M.


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Comment by bill&Rocks on April 21, 2009 at 1:11pm

a group of stalker fighters created on!
Put this (gif) image on all upcoming Tokio Hotel stalkerazzi photos!Thanks.


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