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Your Pop Alternative Source - Best of What's Next: Ellie Goulding

Goulding’ songs infuse heartfelt lyrics with catchy synths for an irresistible sound. Originally an acoustic singer-songwriter, the idea of pop music doesn’t scare Goulding. She has embraced electro-pop tunes, while retaining an earnestness in her lyrics that creates a honesty and intelligence that most of today’s pop music lacks. “I think pop music is dismissed generally by a lot of people as having no meaning and not really creating an impact,” Goulding says. “I have never been afraid of making a song that is catchy. Also, I feel at the same time that there are some songs [that] are just intended to be a hit and then be forgotten about. Some songs just disappear. I never wanted to make songs that disappear.”

Along with releasing Lights in the U.S., Goulding will kick off a North American tour atSXSW. She’s already at work on her sophomore album, and would like to collaborate Kanye West, Sufjan Stevens or Bon Iver in the future. “Some days I just feel like I have not achieved anything, and other days I just thank God I’m so lucky to be in my position,” Goulding says. “It’s quite a contradiction I always have going on in my head that keeps me on my toes.”


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