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Happiness is what we are made for.

I really believe that and its the only reason why I choose to work in what I love: Music, design, social and Rock.

I see people of my age, after their years in University, working from 8 to 6 in boring jobs, sometimes just for money, sometimes just for the need... And they are not happy.

People who choose to follow their dreams and end up working in shitty things from 8 to 6 too, earning barely for the living because... Well, most of the time dreams are not good for pay the bills.

Its when you follow your dreams and ALSO you put everything on them, you work your a** off to get it, you don't stop, you don't eat, you don't sleep, you give yourself absolutly to it that it pays off.

That's only possible if there's passion in you; passion for what you want, passion to make you do everything and give everything to get it.

When you find that, when you feel that kind of passion for what you do, work its not 'something you have to do to get paid' it turns into 'That only thing that you have to do to live' because you can't imagine your life without it.


And once you live through that passion everyday... That's what I call Happiness.


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