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Hey everyone!  Happy New Years to you all, here's to 2011!!  My last night of 2010 was a real fun experience brought forth because of being a member of this fine community.  I want to thank Martin, Dean, fareastmovement and tone lopez for allowing me to have this amazing opportunity. 


So, let me start this blog off now that I have thanked the proper people.  I first heard that fareastmovement was going to be performing on NYE here in my hometown of Seattle by none other than Kev Nish one late night chat session.  I was like wow that is so awesome, and at that time Kev didn't know where the event was going to be held at.  I didn't care where it was going to be held at I just was so excited that FM was going to be here for NYE.  When I found out where the event was being held at I bought a first class ticket for the IMusic ultra lounge event center.  Here's a pic of the stage that FM performed on: 

I knew that this was crazy going to an event such as this on NYE of all nights.  But, I was determined to go even if it meant by myself when friends couldn't make it with me to this.  To say that I was not at all apprehensive about going to this event solo would be an understatement.  I have gone to concerts by myself before but never a party such as.  This really would be testing myself by doing this party alone.  I helped myself think of the good things such as getting a killer dress and other acoutremonts for it, as well as thinking this will be so epic counting down the new year with FM.  As days kept passing and the event was drawing near I was getting excited but nervous as well.  I remember even saying something in the chat to martin that this is going to be crazy and so crowded I probably won't even get anywhere near the guys to say hey lol.  That's when Martin said your a rec'er just ask ethan he knows.  He then said give me your info I'll hook you up.  I was like wow that is so nice thank you.  So, true to his word, I was hooked up via dean to meet up with FM.  I love those guys- their music, their energy, their heart, it's so contagious you just have to catch them live when you can.  I got to my hotel around 5pm to check-in and freshen up.  I went downstairs to grab a coffee at starbucks and a sandwich since I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  Afterwards, I went back upstairs to get ready for the party.  I had already heard from tone(fm's tour manager) that I wouldn't be meeting up with the guys at soundcheck since the guys were so tired they weren't going.  But instead tone had told me I'd get to see them backstage after their performance.  I got ready and set off for imusic.  When I got there they was already a line starting and it was like 8:45 and doors were supposed to open at 9.  They didn't open till like 9:30ish.  That was ok when I got in I headed upstairs to chill for a bit, but found that the upstairs would be a better vantage to see everything and not get so scrunched in with all the crowd.  I watched the dj sets before fm came on.  Here is some more pics of the stage and the crowd: 

As you can tell this crowd was big lol.  I am so glad I decided to stay upstairs.  I only ventured downstairs after FM's performance.  Here are some pics from FM's set:Ok so after the performance which was of course off the hook I met up with the guys backstage.  I had brought them a lil something just to celebrate the new year's with them- a bottle of 901 tequilla(justin timberlake's tequilla lol).  The guys thought that was cool, but at first they thought the gift might be more handerpants.  I laughed and said nope not handerpants this time.  So, I got to chill with them, as well as vincent frank, DPD, and King Kanobby. Many drinks were had and just was such a good time.  It was a late night didn't leave the venue for a cab back to my hotel till like 4 in the morning.  Thanks again cherrytree records and FM, love u, here's to a great new year 2011!!

Vincent Frank, DPD, me and J-Splif


-Christine(aka xtine)-

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Comment by CrushBeast on January 17, 2011 at 9:25pm

so cool Christine!  Im happy you dressed up, went out and had fun on nye.  free wired living... the best way to start the new year!!!

Comment by tina on January 2, 2011 at 11:33pm
Wow. How come I didn't get hooked up.? Lol wanted to meet Frank. But oh well..

Glad you had fun Christine. James crazy for crowd surfing with a bunch of drunks in the audience. At least he didn't "almost" fall like he did in Vancouver a couple of months ago.

The crowd def was insane that night though. I'm still wondering how I survived the front row that night. >< thanks for sharing your experience.!
Comment by KLsey on January 2, 2011 at 10:14pm
lol yes! crowd surfing for the win. your nye looked amazing! :)
Comment by Deejspyder Productionz on January 2, 2011 at 7:38pm
wow that must of been intense. they really know how to throw a party!!!
Comment by iRiNa on January 1, 2011 at 6:51pm

this is so cute ^_^ my favorite pictures were of James crown surfing <3

im glad you had this day as the New Years Even night.. amazing!


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