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Today ..and every day... i make nothing ..again: cookies , listen music...and make a BIG PROJECT serios ... I make a comics ...

But i'm havent coffee D:  this fact make me cry +____+

Pepsi or Cola in my  hmmmm [i forget this word]... frozen-machine?

♥___♥ Somebody send me to NewYear CherryTree cola  please plz plz plzlplz*__*

O__O i see in TV women from China ,she eat a SNAKES!


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Comment by USkipper on November 27, 2011 at 11:03am

your English is very good,
good job!!

Comment by Julia Cinamonne on November 27, 2011 at 8:37am

*__*  i want speak in English on good level

Comment by USkipper on November 26, 2011 at 9:55pm

Maybe the phrase
"make a comics"
means "make a comedy" or perhaps
means "make a joke".

I took the word "comics" as a noun, not a verb.
We are learning ;-)

Comment by Julia Cinamonne on November 26, 2011 at 2:03pm

My format drawings not manga ,but it not comics...

I can't make a Frames for standart-of-classic-manga.


Coffee for me it's a ..... YAMMMY *__* and i ♥ coffe : energy , ore-more [i again forget word] : latte ,3-levels, expresso and moooore *__*


OH! YES! In Russia use word Refrigerator too ! But only specials shops.


I read about a cherryCola in many blogs in internet .and see photos with tis product...and that factors make me into CherryCola *__* and starbucks and more other thinks thak to internet i know about MORE products from other coutryes and buy they (if this enable in Russian ebay)  *__*


I love make cookies with my grandma or mom *___*


You can send video to my e-mail [email protected] *__*

Comment by USkipper on November 26, 2011 at 1:07pm

Manga, the Japanese comics, are popular in many countries,
and are enjoyed by people in all age groups (young, middle age, old).

I brew just one mug of coffee a day for myself.
Wish I could send you coffee...

Ah, Americans stumble on that word, too.
Most of us just call it "the fridge".
The full word is "refrigerator" and is related to the word "refrigerant"
(refrigerant = Freon Gas)

The informal word "fridge" actually came from "Frigidaire" which was THE brand-name
for home kitchen refrigerators, a long time ago. You can still buy Frigidaire appliances.

Cherry Tree Cola is probably very good.

They make it in England by a process that is similar to the recipe
me and Dad used, many years ago, to make our own root beer soda.
It was amazing, wonderful stuff~!!

argh, I think I have seen that video. A former friend sent me that video (or a similar one)
by e-mail. ew.

Cookies sounds like a  pretty good deal...


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