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Ever seen that video "Shoes"? It's funny, and deffinitly explains apart of me. I'm OBBSSESED with shoes, can't get enough of them. And even though my parents scorn me for having so many pairs, I think it's totally worth it.

So the real reason for posting this is to talk about a new pair I just bought. In the end, they aren't neccessraly shoes, more boots, but they still rock my socks!!! Think black converse high tops. A sleek look with white laces. Now picture them... Going up to your knees! Yes, in Payless Shoes, I and Nim found a pair of shoes just like these. I tried them on on the weekend... And just KNEW I had to buy them. So I promised myself I would beg the rents to let me get them. Sure enough, I was able to wrap my father around my pinky finger and get him to buy them for me. Now they are MINE!!!.... *sighs* Excitement... :)

Call me a girl, but I just had to put this out there...

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