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Hello, dear ones .
I hadn't been on that long, and I must admit: I'm not so good at it. I would be pleased if someone could tell me a little?
Anyway, I don't really know what to write here, in my first blog. I can tell you that tomoorw morning, I'm going to Skanderborg Festival: Denmarks Most Beautiful Festival! I'm so excited :3 . *singsingsing*
I can tell you a little about me, if you like? Who am I talking to? xD
Anyway, my name is Sara, but I'm called Dada. It's because when I was little I couldn't pronounce the words 's' or 'r', so I switched it out with a 'd' . Okay, I'm going on. I live in Denmark in a small city near the city Hillerød, with my mom and the one of my biggest sisters. My mom and dad is divorced, and I DON'T see my dad. Let it be like that.
I don't know, what i shall tell you. You can allways ask, if there's anything you like to know (:
Au revoir! ... ey, I could say 'Goodbye' on French xD ... I didn't know that o__o

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