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So... I leave you here the news.

Hamburg police announced today (thursday) that there's an open investigation against Tom Kaulitz. He hit a fan in the face. Ralf Kunz, spokeperson of the polic, said that this girl, with other 4 friends, hit the window of Tom's car to ask him if she could take a picture. As an answer, Tom opened his window and threw his cigarrette toward her. After this, the girl picked it up and turned it off against his car. Tom got our of his car and hit the girl in the face. Police said there are small injuries in the face.

So... seriously, they need privacy people. Yes, they are public figures, but they have their own personal life and need respect. Stay away from their studio and house. Let them be. For me, it's not ok to hit people, but there is a point where u r extremely annoyed by everything and this kind of things happen.

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Comment by Izumi Kaulitz on April 17, 2009 at 2:12pm
(it's ok, no worries)

I know the fame can demand a lot. But there's something called "Respect" that probably those stupid stalkers don't know about. But hey, stupidity and ignorance can be cured all at once.


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