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Equally amazing is how catchy this band's music is. It's hard to find anyone who has heard "Enter the Ninja" and hasn't spent the afternoon humming the tune. Initially, it seemed like this was the only song that could have this affect, but that doubt was quickly dispelled after listening to "Rich B***h." After just one listen, "Enter the Ninja" was replaced by a new tune, which was just as addictive.

Humor is another aspect of "$0$," which makes it a must-own. It's unclear whether the band knows how funny their music is, but that doesn't really matter. They start almost every song by introducing themselves in the music. Virtually every song centers on the male lead singers alter ego, the ninja, in some way. The lyrics tell about the ninja's exploits in battle and sexual prowess. It's insanely difficult to take this information seriously, which is why the humor is such an important factor. If the music tried to make itself serious, it could easily become unlistenable.

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