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Gosh, tempus fugit (if you don't know what that means, Google it and learn something).

In November we saw:

-EMA's in Berlin (read about it in my October Journal because nothing really happened in that month...)
-New Moon
-And unfortunately that's about it

New Moon was really good, I went to see it with my 2 best friends at the cinema. It was absolutely packed and I just happened to get a seat next to the fidget-bum of the century.
I love watching things with lots of people because you can all laugh, cry, and makes noises together especially when Taylor Lautner takes off his shirt.

Unfortunately, half the movie will not make sense unless you actually read the book (even that won't make sense unless you read the saga) which is quite annoying for new fans. Fortunately I've been into the whole Twilight thing for about 2 years now (I'm NOT kidding, I am part of a very rare breed: The REAL Twilight saga fans) so I understood when Jacob told Edward that Bella's Dad was arranging a funeral... for Harry Clearwater NOT Bella. You had to have read the book to know this small detail in the movie!

Moving on, My Favourite music for November 2009 (artist-song title):

-Example-Watch the sun come up (Devils Gun Zeitgeist remix)
-Ke$ha-Tik tok
-Shakira-Did it again
-Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
-3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry-Starstruckk
-Jason Derulo-Whatcha say

I recently got Now 74; CD1 isn't that great (in MY opinion!) but CD2 seems to be a lot better... trust me.

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