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It seems that MTV will broadcast the complete performance of Tokio Hotel at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010 on October 22nd 2010! Until now they have shown the "highlights" of the performance, but now we will get full 60 minutes with Tokio Hotel. How great is that!?

Here is a list with the times of the broadcasting for MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010 of other countries. The time corresponds to the time zone of the country! The list is updated constantly!

October 22nd 2010
MTV Germany 7 PM MTV Spain 9.30 PM
MTV Australia 10.30 PM
MTV Czech 10 PM
MTV Portugal 9 PM
MTV Hungary 11.50 PM
MTV Ukraine 11.30 PM
MTV Finland 8.50 PM
MTV Asia (Singapore/Hong Kong) 11 PM
MTV Asia (Malaysia) 12 AM
MTV Adria 9 PM
MTV Romania 12 AM
MTV Denmark 8.50 PM
MTV Greece 9 PM

October 23rd 2010
MTV Russia 1.05 AM
Translation credit: @TokioHotel_Info (Twitter)

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