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Weeelll.... whaz up my peepage?
Still reading my posts? ;D

Well, I havent updated in a while. Ive been busy like a bee on crack!
School has once again resumed! ( Yay! right?)

This is how the first day went, more or less:

Me: La dee dum dee dum.... *minding my own buzzns*
Freshman: Scuzz man?! Wherz bllding blah blah blah?
Me: *Points in random direction*
Freshman: Peace dude!

~~Two minutes later~~

Me: *STILL minding my own buzzns!!*
Freshman1: Scuzz man!! Wherz bllding blah blah blah again?
Me: *starting to get irritated* That way! *points in random direction*
Freshman2: We cant find it! Can you walk us there?
Freshman1+2: *Now scared out of their pants*
Me: *Facepalm* I hate freshman...

(FIN :D)

So thats how it went.... all day.

Didnt they know that theres a campus map on the back of their planner that they get in their first class? Or that they can look at the ginourmouslygigantouslyhuge numbers that sit on the top corner of EACH BUILDING? They arent there for decration ya know!!! >:/

THEN when I get to my advanced guitar class (Wootage for moi! I got in hunnybunz! ) I find that Im one of FOUR thats got in... and the rest are ( Hold on to your panties people! ) more FRESHMAN! In a beggining guitar class.


But more up to speed on this...:

We, ( Me and three guys that do their best to "Ignore' me cuz Im the only girl there...) have to practice in a 3x5 soundproof room that also contains:

A messed up electric guitar. ( A Fender, but in bad cond. )
An outdated, ginourmous amp
Four chair
Four people. ( It really should count as three and a half. Im not as big as the other three :P Half their size really )
Two music stands
NO AIR FLOW! WFT? ( It gets stuffy... and humind... and cold. It makes my fingers chill and stick to the frets of the crappy guitar I have to use. )
FOUR CRAPY GUITARS! ( Those guitars are soooo messed up! The fret boards dont work on most of them, they're so old I can see finger groves from generations past, and the sound that comes out is HORRID! I prefer my steel string. Its meh baybeh! <3 )

All of this has to fit in a 3x5 sized room.

I bet clowns have more room in their clown car.
And better air flow.

And it RAINED.


And guess what happened to my hair?
Yup, it frizzd.
Turned curly and afro like. I have it on video. Imma post it on youtube later.
Ya'll watch for it. ;D I might post the link. I might not.

Thats all for not my beeches.
Ill see you all laterz.



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