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    Please bare in mind im not a music reviewer or anything like that! Just a sixteen year old girl that loves music, goes to a lot of gigs and epicly fangirls over Noah and the Whale.

   Saw these guys just over two weeks ago now at Nottingham's Rock City and i am still trying to get over how brilliant they are and were at the concert ~post concert depression~ haha. I've seen them before, back in May 2011, at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms, in which they were equally brill.

    This time though was just that little bit better. We decided to que an hour before the doors opened, ensuring that we got front row body-to-rail views and we did! It was brilliant, i had such a good view of the whole band and even got a smile off Tom. Im not sure Charlie saw us though, my friend said so but i was looking the other way, dammit! Then again it looks like it would be tricky to see with the blinding lights. Being at the front also ensured i didn't get a great big ponytail wacking me around the face like at their last gig, i'm only 5ft 3 give me a break! At the end, we managed to plead our way in getting the song set list, which is now sitting proudly on my wall.

    Before Noah were The Bahamas who were from Canada, usually support bands can be a little bit boring or not very good but these were absolutely fantastic. They were of some what folk rock and really set the mood for the gig, the lead singer was dancing about and making ,what seemed, A LOT of eye contact! I can't stress how much i enjoyed them.

   Moving on, the gig was amazing, they played the majority of their songs including hits: ''5 years time'' and ''L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N'' which really got the crowd going. Charlie had a bit of a dance during some of the newer songs, he's got moves! I remember one part in 'Rocks and Daggers' and i have no way in which to describe it as one big epic folk rave, it suddenly went quiet and built up faster and faster as ''oh but there's no need to play with my heart'' was sung, so cool. Then, in contrast, the mood went more mellow as songs from ''The First Days of Spring'' were played.   

  After the quieter songs, Charlie stripped a layer of clothing off in order to start the party, which was hilarious and hey I ain't complaining! The guys were all suited and booted and Charlie even wore some union jack socks for the occasion, how fancy Charlie and Tom both looked very handsome, as per usual, and Urby was having a proper jam sesh, head banging and everything. Fred and new drummer, Michael, seemed to be having a great time also.

   If Noah and the Whale happen to perform in your town, city, wherever you really should go as it only cost me £15 and it is way more than worth it. Seeing them on stage, playing awesome songs, wearing awesome suits and just being bloody awesome is priceless.


Here's some pictures from the gig:

The Bahamas 



















Noah and the Whale:








































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