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Noah and the Whale covers, demos and B-Side tracks

    Recently i have been listening to a lot of Noah and the Whale's extra tracks on Youtube and they're really, really good. The album, Noah and the Whale present: the A sides is more punky and contains some covers and a hardcore version of ''Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered'' which is epic! My favourite's are ''Jealous Kind of Love'' and ''Black Cab''. I heard these CDs and Vinyls were extremely hard to get hold of now as only 2500 copies were released and some of the money, or all i have no idea, went to Age Concern which is really cool it's always good to do your charity bit. Now, i think this is the track listing for the album:

01 If I Die Tonight
02 Jealous Kind Of Love
03 Death By Numbers
04 Devil Town
05 Sometimes
06 Beating
07 Red Alert
08 Rocks And Daggers
09 To Cyril At Crunkmas
10 I Do Fine
11 Girlfriend In A Coma
12 5 Years Time (Sweets for My Sweet Version)
13 If My Album Sold a Million
14 Jocasta (Huw Stephens Session)
15 You Can Call Me Al
16 2 Bodies 1 Heart (Demo)
17 Jocasta (Demo)
18 Rocks And Daggers (Demo)


I cannot be completely sure just because it's from a website but it seems fine. Most of the tracks have been put on Youtube which is how i listen but not all.

    Moving away from that, i've also been listening to a lot of Last Night On Earth demos and have fallen in love with the ''Old Joy'' demo, it's great! Almost completely different lyrics but i do understand that NATW said it wouldn't fit with the album though. Regardless, you must take a listen. You can find all sorts of demos from that album lurking around,there's some here:

     In addition, i've been listening to things like ''Instrumental III'' which is beautiful, i absolutely love ''Instrumental II'' I cannot stress how good it is so i was amazed to find a third! Also the track ''Sometimes'' is very catchy and really hits home, i'm not sure why but yeah, very relatable indeed.

     Lastly, if you're still actually reading ~sob~, I have come across some covers they have done such as Elvis' ''Always on my mind'' which is absolutely great I couldn't believe my luck when i found it. I have been brought up listening to Elvis from my Dad and it's such a good cover they really have done it justice. I am a huge fan of The Vaccines so their cover of ''If You Wanna'' is brilliant and dare i say slightly better than the original.....? Shh. More recently they covered Coldplay's ''Paradise'', now I haven't actually heard ''Paradise'' just NATW's version but I'm sure they've done it justice I mean they're Noah and the could they not?!

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