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Here is Cherrytree Cola again writing after coming back from the first half of the Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour in Canada. For those who attended any of the shows I do not have to explain how great each of them was! The audience made it even more amazing and energetic - a real Cherrytree Bomb! I have been really enjoying traveling with acts, but I have also found some inconvenient situations - First thing - my passport. I love wearing my sunglasses all the time but for some reason the security check did not like them on my passport picture ? - come on guys - they are glued on! How can I take them off? - please be aware of that next time. I had also so many difficulties in booking a hotel room! No one wants to accept a reservation for a bottle, seatbelts in the plane do not fit (that is why I had to sit on Colettes lap ;) But apart from that everything went smoothly. ?

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Comment by Agata Anna Sobocinska on December 12, 2011 at 3:21pm

I don't know who this Cherrytree Cola is, but this bottle is very handsome and charming! hahaha ;)


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