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Natalia Kills 'Wonderland' Posted on, the largest news portal in Germany and the largest newspaper in the Western world have posted Natalia Kills 'Wonderland' video in their music blog with the title "Shock-video: Natalia Kills is Beheaded!"


Now comes "Wonderfland" The original video was censored. Scenes were too crass. And as they should be.

Natalia: "If in love something goes wrong, it can feel as if someone stabs you in the heart with a knife. You're mad-as with the worst drug. Love can feel brutal. Exactly what I want to show with the clip. The video is my vision of that. How it feels when in love everything is false and the fairytale becomes a nightmare."

The closing scene: we see a man in a white suit and a white mask. He has an object in hand, and he has it gripped with both hands. Before him lies Natalia Kills on her stomach. The man gets up, it is an axe in his hands....

No more is seen in the video. Not in the censored version anyway. In the original video the result of violence is shown: Natalia's severed head.


Check out the full article on here.

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