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Natalia Kills "Mirrors (Live at The Cherrytree House" Premieres at Midnight Tonight (PST)

Natalia Kills' acoustic performance of her song "Mirrors" at The Cherrytree House will debut tonight at midnight PST / 2am CST / 3am EST / 8am GMT / 9pm CET right here on the front page, main screen of

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Comment by Elena Prokofyeva on January 23, 2011 at 6:36am

Dear Martin!

We are so sorry for disturbing you, but we do need your help!

We lost all our Faith and Hope, the only thing we had after what had happened a year ago.

We, Russian Tokio Hotel Fans, was overtaking with tragedy in March and still suffering from the cancellation of the Humanoid show and all that had happened around it. We were impatiently waiting for them for three years. This show was to have been a celebration for us but it became a nightmare. THfans from 15 to 45 y.o., who came from different countries and cities. Fans from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belorussia were crying those days. We still feel the desperation now. Unfortunately we don’t know the truth what had happened and all that had been done by the head of the «Top-concert», Tatiana Dalskaya is just making us feel really bad and our desperation is growing.

We still can’t take our money back from the promoter. We feel sick and tired from the awkwardly shameless black PR that was made by this promoter. We can’t see a reason how a person, a professional can behave herself like that. We don’t know how the band see the situation so we decided to write down everything clearly and completely.

We want Tokio Hotel to know that there is no way for us to change our attitude towards them. And nothing can kill our love and affection for them. Russian Fans were really impressed with their new record. We keep on fighting for all of their ideas that they gave us with the “Humanoid”. Although it is very painful for us since we’ve lost our chance to see Tokio Hotel playing it live and that we haven’t had a chance to say them ‘Thank you for everything that you gave us”.

It didn’t happen, but it didn’t kill Tokio Hotel devoted fans. And our love and hope is alive. And again we are waiting for them, and hope that we can have another chance to see their creativity on its newer and higher level. We ask them only one thing. Don’t be mad at us! There are not so many promoters in Russia working the way as “Top-concert” does.
And we want them to know that our hearts are still bleeding from the suffering and not only from our own pain but from their pain either. We can see it wasn’t a pleasant experience for the band.

We are surfing through the internet every day just to see a single word for us from Tokio Hotel. Their single word can give us hope. Only them can give us this exclusive present.

We love Tokio Hotel. We are waiting for them. We want to see them and would like to invite them to Russia again. We are extremely hurt to feel that something is wrong between us and we can’t stand this misunderstanding.

It is so little that we actually need from Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav to make our hearts smile. We need to know that our Kampf der Liebe wasn’t in vain. Yes, we know it probably can be a complicated question for them to change their plans, but thay can give us a little hope.

We want them to come back to us as soon as it will be possible.
We desperately need tokio Hotel!

We asking this question on the Official Site of Tokio Hotel and in all addresses that we could find in the internet. But we are still ignored. We keep asking fan-clubs from other countries and we are desperately asking YOU for any help.
We are asking you with all our hearts to pay your attention to our request and begging you not to stay indifferent to our pain and help us - tell the Tokio Hotel band about our love. And ask them "Why did thay say nothing about cancelled concerts in Russia?"

Russian Fans of Tokio Hotel


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