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Natalia Kills Interview with Elle Fashion

Her music itself—often called “dark pop”, described as “pop with an opinion” by Kills—is fittingly confrontational, aligning agitated and confessional lyricism with brooding, nocturnal production from some of pop’s most salient architects (Akon, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, and Jeff Bhasker to name a few). This is murder on the dancefloor—but it’s also so much more.

ELLE: What did you learn about American audiences through touring with Robyn?

NK: Maybe because I recorded my album here in the States, it seems that this is the country where my music will make the most sense to people. The energy from the crowds here was so much greater than anything else I’ve experienced; even though I’m a new artist, the audiences really ‘got’ it, especially my debut American single ‘Wonderland’. I learned that what works in Iowa might not work in NYC and vice versa. Even within one country, every city is so different.

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