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Cedar: Cool, so you’re just wrapping up the tour tonight with Robyn. What was it like to tour with someone as incredible as her, and is there anyone that you would secretly love to tour with or collaborate with in the future?

Natalia Kills: Oh my god, it was really an amazing experience. I’ve been a fan of Robyn since I was 16 actually, and in the U.K. she’s always had a really strong following. It’s amazing a) to be label mates with her and b) getting to really know her on the tour. After all the shows, I go into the audience and watch the show and sing along. She’s so nice, so it’s been a really amazing experience, and I’m excited to see what comes next. I’m really enjoying opening for someone, because you get to play to someone else’s fan base – not just to convert their fans, but get a really good opinion of yourself. Obviously Robyn’s music is incredible, so all of her fans have very good taste and high expectations for entertainment. To see such a good response for my show is a big boost for me, so I’d love to definitely continue opening for people, a powerful female would be great, maybe next could be La Roux or Nicki Minaj.

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