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Natalia Kills "Femme On Fire" For You wore some incredible pieces while you checked out this year’s Fashion Week. What designers excited you the most?

Kills: I was most excited by the Prabal Gurung show. I don’t know if you saw any of the pictures online, but it was kind of incredible! They had all of the girls there behind plastic so it had this really kitschy Stepford Wives, mannequin-esque feeling. All the models would then walk out from behind the plastic onto the runway and do their show. It really brought me back to when I was a little girl; my most exciting moments were taking the Barbie doll out from behind the plastic. Barbie just had everything to do with glamour and beauty and everything it means to be a woman in a most unrealistic but most adorned way, so it was incredible to see the Prabal show because when these models were walking out it was as if I was taking the Barbies out of the box for the first time too. Everything felt shiny and new, with a kind of clinical but glamorous feeling.

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