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Lipstick. Lies. Tears. Tragedy.

Just ask anyone who’s followed the first season of Natalia Kills’ self-produced “Love, Kills xx” episodic series - a surreal blend of dream sequences, free associative song fragments, and pure femme fatale poetry that’d leave Quentin Tarantino feeling a bit flushed.

“Some girls want to be a princess when they grow up,” explains Natalia Kills, real name Natalia Capuccini. “I wanted to be in a bad b**** girl gang.”

She also wanted to be a pitch-dark pop star in the time-honored tradition of Grace Jones, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode. So to strike a balance between it all, Natalia—a native of England’s rugged Bradford area — left school and moved to London alone to pursue her desire to creatively express herself through music and film at just 14. After 4 successful years on prime time BBC television and radio, and several songs in box office film sound tracks, she set out on a mission to combine her love of music, film and the stage into one frame. Her initial songwriting forays were to develop into the pop gravitas of Natalia Kills’ solo material - from the creeping keys and whip-cracking breaks of “Zombie” to the heaven-sent harmonies and Eurythmics-like head-rush of “Mirrors.” “I’m really influenced by the way music is applied to films, because it creates drama and suspense,” says Natalia. “If you mute a film, you don’t know when the killer is coming and without that tension there is no feeling of curiosity or fear. But when you have the pulse of the music, it provokes an emotion. That’s what I’m inspired by—creating a full-on experience.”

And since “Love, Kills xx” is like a backstage pass to Natalia’s restless mind, the artist/actress has created an entirely different film as an extension of her debut album, Perfectionist. Co-directed by the same French filmmaker as Love Kills (Guillaume “G” Doubet), it’s the perfect pairing for an album that features such Technicolor producers as Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys), The-Ron Feemster (Dr Dre, Michael Jackson), Akon (Gwen Stefani, Eminem) and Cherrytree’s Martin “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” Kierszenbaum (t.A.T.u., Lady Gaga, Far East Movement) A-list assistance aside, Natalia’s ultimate vision shapes the direction and sound of her debut album, Perfectionist. “Good producers find a way of enhancing an artist,” says Natalia. “They don’t give you their musical sound, they give you your own.’ My album was definitely a joint experience of creativity.”

That is exactly what made want to sign Natalia to his label, will i am records, jointly with Cherrytree: the shape-shifting performer/writer/director that is Natalia Kills knows exactly what she wants, whether it’s a stone-faced “Love Kills xx” scene or an all-out assault on what it means to be an all or nothing pop star. “I like the way radio music used to be—really direct, wild and expressive,” says Natalia. “It wasn’t like ‘I love you baby’ or ‘let’s party all night’; it was songs like

Queen’s ‘Love Kills.’ She continues, “You know, ‘Drills you through the heart/Scars you from the start’? Artists used to say whatever they were feeling. There was a real freedom of expression. And you know what? It’s important to be brave in music, because if you can’t be brave there, where can you?”

Kills' first single “Mirrors” has already reached the top 10 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as no. 3 on the US Billboard Dance Chart and is being followed up by the release of “Free” ft. will I am which has just been added to The UK’s Capital and Kiss radio stations while already climbing to no. 1 on Austria’s iTunes. Next, Natalia Kills prepares to unleash her dark pop on North America with the release of “Perfectionist” in 2 editions: a 10-song CD and 15-song Deluxe Digital edition including brand new song “Kill My Boyfriend” co-produced by Kills herself. Opening for Katy Perry on her Midwestern US (as well as Latin American) concert dates, Kills and her bad-girl band “The Last Regrets” will be performing to North American audiences in August and headlining their own tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Fall.

Kills’ vocal contributions have also been enlisted for collaborations with LMFAO on the latter’s “Champagne Showers” - follow-up to the world wide smash “Party Rock Anthem” as well as on forthcoming albums by British electro-pop artist/producer Frankmusik and hip hop-rock duo The Knux.

The future looks darkly bright for Natalia Kills.

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