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Natalia Kills and Robyn at the Metro Chicago 11/13/10.

I made the trek to see Robyn again in Chicago..There were two special things about this was the presence of Natalia Kills, the second was the infusion of songs from Body Talk 2 into the set.

While waiting out front, Natalia's vehicle approached and I live ustreamed an exchange between Emiliano Luna, the contest winner where you had to write an episode for season 2 of Love Kills, and Natalia.

Natalia kills was OUTSTANDING...She had been a bit of enigma in some ways. We were filtered songs and a persona was imprinted in our minds...but I was unsure how that would manifest itself as a live show. She took minimal and captivated the audience. The set list included "Zombie, Wonderland, Love is a Suicide, Free, and Mirrors. Pictures below the but red lights were killing the shots so many shots I just couldn't use.

I would love to say I have great audio....but in typical Poly was on me like Timberlake on your girlfriend at the club.

This now leads us to Robyn who had canceled Toronto the night before. She put on a magnificent show and was in top form for someone extremely ill. She has an impressive catalog to choose from so off the top of my head I recall Fembots, Dancing on my Own, Girl and the Robot, Indestructible, A reworked Show me Love, a medley of We came to dance & Don't Fu*king Tell Me What To Do, Hang with Me, Cry When You Get Older, Konitchiwa B****** name a few.

I learned as the show went now to hide the fact I was filming...not my best work because I like it steady but the best I could do with the security lurking.

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