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I was thinking about a lot of the history, and contemplating how much of a difference it would make if we actually knew exactly what had happened, would the world be a much more bitter place or was it the right thing that it was concealed from us? As the blog moves on you will see that I do end up writing about history a lot because I regard it as the next most interesting thing in my life... after all my problems. So I wrote this:

Who's here to remember,
every day, every year,
history is a thing of the past,
but is regarded as the present,
some things will always last,
especially those things people resent,
some things really shouldn't be regarded,
others, peoples courage really should,
some are very obviously planted,
others really are not,
they come from the top,
history really is a pack of lies,
there really aren't many you can rely,
so say goodbye to history,
whats past has past,
and will forever be a mystery.

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