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okay; so i've been working on cinemabizarre cpu art lately. [well maplestory art] i use bannedstory. [] i think im gonna use it throughout the rest of the summer. then i'll be on hiatus for my fresshiee year(: i just starteed experimenting and getting better and better; i'll gladly take any requests. :DD <3 its really fun &+ it kills time. ;3

Copy&&Paste(: made by me *_*:

i quoted shakespears in this one. (x "to whoever's reading ><" or just to myself. xD :

story banner^^ ft. shin(: [check out her story<3] =

Partners In Crime^^ =

Happy Birthday Romeo(: =

Happy Birthday Strify(: =

Romeo(: =

Me ;3 =

Strify(: =

Kiro(: =

Shin1 =

Glamourous Rockers(: =

CinemaBizarre[1st made] =

noticed the bottem pictures sucked more? xD im working on it x__x" ill remake some of them someday. x;

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Tags: art, bannedstory, fan, maplestory


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