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My yearlong wish is to be a singer with my best friend

I wish I could be a singer. Cherrytree records, if you read this, please, please, PLEASE let me and my friend audition or SOMETHING! Me and my best friend have been singing together since we met in 6th grade. We've written a couple of songs together...but we haven't exactly come up with the background music. Sorry. Maybe if we meet up or something, then you could help us with that. We would like to do a sort of demo, or whatever it is that you do first, and we'll tell you why. We don't want to be famous because we want all the fame and fortune and partying and stuff. We want it so we can sing in stadiums and so we can be heard. I don't know about my best friend, but my biggest dream is to sing the national anthem in a stadium for whatever sport is available. We, my best friend and I, even came up with our own harmonizing version of the national anthem. So...if you read this, please consider us. If you want to tell us anything, then just comment on this blog. Thanks for your attention. :)

Holly & Maria

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