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So I left on June 17 to Pennsylvania and went to the airport and checked in. We had to make a stop in Atlanta before we go to Pennsylvania. The problem was once we got to the airport (In a HUGE rush) we found out that our flight had been delayed. To make matters worse once we got on the plane, before taking off they plane people realized there was a fuel problem thus leaving us on the runway for another 2 hours. I HATE planes but I LOVE to travel. After getting off in Atlanta we had to rush to our connecting flight and we almost missed it. Oh and to top that all off the Delta lost our luggage! oh well after going to my aunt's house we bought some clothes and got our suitcases back the next day. Another day after that we left to go to NYC. It was amazing. We took a train. New York was a lot of fun. We did a bunch of shopping, sight seeing, shopping, going to the park, shopping, spending time with family, playing video games, and oh did I mention shopping!? lol I love to shop. I like New York it's like the fashion capitol of the U.S and I kind of want to move there some day who knows. I also got Mendhi (henna) on my hands in Jackson Heights. It's like and Indian town. It's TOTALLY OVERPRICED though. Vey expensive, just to do the back of my hands was $30 oh well. I had fun though and it was enjoyable. We spent most of our time in New York and then went to Pennsylvania again for the rest of the time. We did shopping there too, got our nails done and I got threading done for the first time and I think it came out pretty nice. I was sad when we had to go back but we stopped in Ohio and then in L.A and then home. The flight from L.A was very uncomfortable the plane was squished and I don't even know how to explain it. In the end it was a very memorable trip :)

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