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I went to a Sting concert a few years back in Indianapolis...Annie Lennox was the opener. It was fantastic.

I was in the front row. The row was actually 10 feet from the front of the stage so there was an open space. Sting's guitar player opened the show and at one point Sting comes out and sings a song. The audience was sitting so I really thought this would be the best time to snap a picture but I didn't want to stand in peoples view.

Sting is singing away...I quickly get up and walk towards the stage, I get on my knees and snap a picture. Sting visualizes the flash and looks down at me and sees me on my knees and in mid lyric looks at me and says.."Bless you my son". Then he proceeds to start laughing because he cracked himself up and couldn't finish singing the line.

That's my Sting story.

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