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So i can't sleep, so i thought i'd do a little update. ok well dk if i'm going to prom sumthing came up. but on a high note we did start a band and we have got one song almost done, gonna work on it friday with the guys. yeah we have two guys in our band they r soo cool and funny Liz(aka my sister) is the youngest one in the band. our drummer is the oldest and i'm the 2nd oldest then our bass player is the 3rd oldest. I feel sorry 4 liz but hey the bass player is 17 he's close to her age kind of. only four years older seeing that she's 14. not that old. so if everything works out right we will have 3 songs done and we might record them and then put them on a band myspace if we as a band pick that but we already know we will send cd's out to music places to get added on to them. we want to get on with CherryTree but dk right now it's to soon i guess. but one can hope. oh and if u dont know what we all do I'm going to post a list down at the bottom so u know who's doing what in the band. well thats it oh if u have time and want some new bands take a look at this great band they r called Cinema Bizarre. dont judge they r really cool guys and have great music. I love their music i can relate to all of it. well thats all i have for now.

Lots of Love
fyi. (most of us arent going to go by our real names to normal and me and my sis arent normal if u know u as friends off of here u know)
Band List
Drums- Michael
Guitar-Liz ( my little sis)
Bass- Rickman (his lastname thats all we call him by)
Lead vocalist- Amaya
(aka Me Carmen my name was to boring so Liz came up with it and i with hers)

so theres the list and a update so happy we r doing this now like we always wanted its so fun and cool. not only do i get to bond more with my little sis I get to bond with the guys in the band.

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