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Hi folks!

Anyone that knows a little bit about me (especially the fans that have stuck with me) and my music knows that my DREAM label that I want to be on is Cherrytree Records! Martin has been a hero of mine since the t.a.t.u. days, and even PRIOR to that (namely his days at A&M and WBR). He and his STAFF (HI ANDREA, YOU ROCK!) have a dead on VISION and EAR for what's "on the cusp". Housed on this page on some of my original songs, aside from my "Monsoon" cover, which is a tribute to the Tokio Hotel guys, David Jost, and my favorite label and muse, Cherrytree and Martin (Martin, I have to talk to you abt that then actually).

So there ya have it, please check me out!

A few links about me if you'd like to hear more:
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OTHERWISE, I will be kickin' new wave stylee right here on THE OFFICIAL CHERRYTREE RECORDS SITE!

A little back story/bio on me:

Chrissy has a lifetime of music experience, and a lot to show for it. With her music being produced by some of the same people who help internationally famous artists shine, being featured in prime time television, and reaching over 2 million hits on Clear Channel’s “Discover New Music” site – you know the girl’s on her way.

Her music, which she describes as “alternative pop,” has drawn the attention of people who would know talent when they hear it. For a year and a half she was part of the talent roster of Johnny Wright’s WEG – Wright Entertainment Group, where her fellow artists were Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and the Jonas Bros., to name a few. It was there that she became the protégé of superproducer Alex Greggs (who has produced songs for Justin and Janet, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Kelis, Beck, Brandy, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, Pussycat Dolls and many others), who produced her recent songs “Diddy Do Da” and her cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland),” and another single is currently in the works.

Chrissy has also collaborated with platinum producers Dow Brain and Brad Young of Underground Productions (LFO, Aerosmith, Boston, Tracy Bonham), as well as the co-writer of her song “Big,” Rich Cronin (also of LFO and also VH1’s Mission: Man Band), and next in the works will be a new song, “Can’t Play a Player,” written for Chrissy by new American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. Another of Chrissy’s cowriters is Taryn Murphy (whose credits include Mariah Carey’s “Wisegurls”). Other collaborators include Deanna Dellacciopa (music featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real O.C.) and Sam Conjerti, writer for LFO and co-writer of Chrissy’s songs “My Slushy” and “Danger.” And in addition to working with the prestigious production team of Alex Greggs and Dennis Shaw of South Rakkas Crew, she’s teamed up with producers Joe Bermudez and Chico (known for producing remixed dance versions of hits for Kelly Clarkson, Hillary Duff, Katy Perry, Pink, Nelly Furtado, etc.) and her most recent songs “Skinny Jeans” and “Step-Off” resulted from that collaboration.

Her travels have also intersected the paths of some other notable music professionals. Her fans have long known her as the webmistress and “go-to” girl for powerpop/experimental rock groups Head Automatica and Glassjaw, fronted her by longtime friend Daryl Palumbo, which had her working closely with Warner Bros./Reprise Records Publicity, mentored by Jeff Watson (Linkin Park). She has also planned forthcoming collaborations with producers Rob Fusari (Lady GaGa) and Soul Diggaz (Madonna, Britney, Missy Elliott, etc.)

A true student of music, Chrissy can cite influences ranging back through five decades, and she prides herself on being savvy about the business end of the industry as well. Her encyclopedic appreciation and knowledge base extends from the music makers to the decision makers, and while with WEG she was tapped as an ambassador to host Grammy (NARAS) panel discussions. A whiz at self-promotion, she was one of the first artists to discover MySpace and has built a rabid fan base there. She brought her songs “Strut” and “Real Woman” to where she was designated “Most Played Unsigned Artist” for several months in a row, with “Strut” reaching upwards of a million and a half spins, and counting. She was the #1 artist on with “I Took Your Boyfriend” and on the IAC Music Big 50 Chart with “My Slushy.” Chrissy’s songs have received extensive airplay throughout the internet and around the world on terrestrial radio as well. Her music has also been featured on television: “Real Woman” on Fox’s Prison Break, and “Gonna Be” on both Showtime’s Masters of Horror and Oxygen’s Pop School, the latter using the song as its main theme. Her songs "My Slushy" and "Strut" are also featured on the latest version of the interactive dance video game, "Audition".

With extensive lifelong experience ranging from dozens of theatre productions to television appearances (including Star Search and the WB’s Popstars), training in all music genres at prestigious institutions as well as dancing, acting, modeling and more, Chrissy has the chops. With her unique beauty and captivating demeanor, she’s got the looks and the moves. Staunchly moral, she can still be the playful “bad girl” onstage who won’t become tabloid fodder in real life, and she often donates her time performing for charity and does volunteer work with at-risk kids in her community. Her sweet smile and innocent face may mask the complexity of the soul within, but Chrissy is a serious, unwavering music professional who knows the blood, sweat and tears of her chosen path, and who has the maturity and dedication to face the road ahead.

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