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My Message to my Potential Fans and the Haters of Disco Heaven

Hello Pop Universe!
First off, I want to tell you that this is really me, Jaga Gada, sending you all this message. Everything included in this message is the things on my mind right now. One thing I will never, ever do is lie to you, fans and haters. The best thing for me to do is to keep everything real to everybody, which includes you guys.

Okay, so let's start. I wanted to say thank you for those who believe that I can make my name stand out. It's a really true honor, you don't know how much this means to me--there's so many words to describe my feelings. You guys make me feel so much better than ever. I just hope that I can be just like my idols someday. Just someday... I promise I will do my best to make that happen for me, no matter what it takes!

About My Name: It's kind of obvious that my stage name reminds you guys of the name "Lady Gaga". Let me just make an attempt to clear the air and say that I'm not trying to steal her name. She's such a major idol to me. I'm no way a "stalker"--I will never ever be one!

Haters, it's time to listen: There's been so much talk about me and mostly about Lady Gaga. Get a life. Everytime you make up some stupid story about Lady Gaga you're only making her way more famous than you'll ever be. So you might as well wanna stop it, now. I get so sick of these rumors and disses that I always put up a diss comment to the haters on the YouTube videos. I might not do that anymore because it's only wasting my time. You haters can keep posting the diss comments, but just remember, Lady Gaga, or anybody from the Lady Gaga Team can care less what you have to comment about her. Dissing won't work, so stop it. Especially for me: If I do make a YouTube video, I really wouldn't care about your dissing comments because I'm actually trying to make something out of myself while you haters are staying at home doing homework. Ouch!

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I want to become like Lady Gaga, but just remember, obsession is not a major factor here, it's inspiration. I'm not lying when I say that Lady Gaga inspired me to become a pop star. I will not ever lie about that. Her mission was to help kids go to a different place in their life, which is what I did. I'm in a different place in my life, and I don't plan on leaving here. I plan on living here the longest. I will try to become like every hit musician, without anything trying to stop me. Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow, that's a true fact!!!

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