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Hello my parasites! I give you bugs a first notice about what I really wanna do for you all.

If I do become what I wanna be, which is to be a pop icon, I want you to know that I will do my ultimate best to enteratian you all with everything I have in me. *Reminder: I made a unique name for myself, not to be confused with the name, Lady Gaga, my inspiration. Throughout this blog entry it might sound boring, but to the ones who does believe that I may have the potential I know this will not bore you one bit.

Okay, so here goes nothing... First, I wanted to become a professional wrestler and wrestle in the WWE or TNA. But, I been listening to Lady Gaga's album, "The Fame", which led me to change plans about what I wanted to do. Yes, I know some of you are like, "Wow, can you see that Jamie's like that stupid" and "Oh, Jamie can keep dreaming. It's not like he can ever become anything." Let me tell you "life-wreckers" that my life is one you can't dare try to wreck because it won't happen, so try it on someone else's. Remember what I said before?- "I feed off the hate. I don't know why, but it just tastes good." I really mean it, word for word. Anyway, back to the true story. Believe it or not, for the tons of music I listened to throughout my life, Lady Gaga's "The Fame" album caught my attention. I'm not going to lie to any of you when I say this, but I am obsessed with everything to do with Lady Gaga, not to make me a stalker or anything. It's just that...she knows just what she's doing, I mean, she headlined her OWN tour! That's really awesome when you think about it. Plus, she's really talented. Most people didn't notice until now.

Not only Lady Gaga caught my attention, but others like Ontario's very own Lynzie Kent, and Cherrytree Records caught mine as well. I think of Cherrytree Records as a friendly community of Cherries (music artists and staff). Their website is great, as well! The place, the function, the "everything." The place, the ONLY place that I mostly want to work in is the Cherrytree House. With me talking this much, I'm sure you guys know what I wanna do for my career now.

I want to help keep the name "Pop Music" alive. I want to become an inspiration to every single kid in the world who listens to Pop Music. I want to be somebody that helped define the true meaning of Love, and to bring it together. I want to help everybody love music more than they ever did before. I want to become an inspiring role model to everybody. I want to make my name stand on the entire globe. I want to make my name marked on the map. I want to dedicate my name to Pop Music and Music History. *Problem: This is not Jamie doing this. This...Is...Jaga Gada. My life is dedicated to You.

My Jaga Gada...and My Cage

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