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Ok, this may seem a lot like a rant but here it goes. Ever since the end of 2011 I started liking Marianas Trench. I didn't know much about them and when I got to learn more about them I realized they were really awesome. I have so much respect for them, my family doesn't even understand why I like them so much. Anyway, last October (October 13th 2012) I went to my first concert in Hamilton and it was to see Marianas Trench. I was so happy and I cried when they opened up. Ever since I started a new school I have been trying to get people to become Trenchers like me. Most people make comments saying, "oh they aren't hot," "Why are they so old?" My answer to them is that I don't care and I really don't. I never think about looks or age. Like some say, age is just a number. People also say, don't judge a book by it's cover. I follow these aspects and I am love with the best band ever. I don't like them for there looks, I like them for their music. The first song I heard by them was Haven't Had Enough and I wanted to know who wrote it. I learnt about Marianas Trench and never stopped learning and experiencing their masterpieces. After realizing my 'friends' didn't like Marianas Trench, I kept my obsession a little quieter. Every one is entitled to their own opinions and I feel that is true. I feel that people can state what they feel as long as it isn't negative to someone else's opinion. Marianas Trench is my favourite band and I hope you read this. I love you guys and I want you guys to keep shooting for the stars. You are amazing and I love each one of you! 

p.s if you have twitter follow me: @TRENCHER_heaven 

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