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This is a description of what my perfect Family Room would be like.

The rooms theme or colour scheme would be simple black white and red.

Walls would be painted white with white trim.

The Floor would be a Light bamboo wood floor.

The floors would also have red shag rugs.

The walls would have abstract art of my own design.
The furniture in the room would be more simple in design. Couches and storage shelves will have simple lines and be black in colour.

Lighting would be from lamps of a complimentary design. I will probably have to make my own lamps but here is some like what I like but no exactly what I would want. Lamps will be done in a black or combination of black and red.

Window Coverings would probably be something of my own creation as well but here is some examples of some styles I like. The window coverings or treatments will be done in a white as well.

I hope this helps you understand me better. This is the first in a series of my dream design rooms.

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