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I am anxiously awaiting the biggest accomplishment I have made as of yet - my son Chandler Joseph Czeck due around Xmas...I can not wait to hold my little man in my arms and give him tons of hugs and kusses! The best thing is to watch him grow and find himself. I don't know what he will want to be or where he will go in life. I will be there to pick him up when he falls and to love him unconditionally in whatever he does. I just wonder how many trips I will make to the emergency room for stitches from his crazy boy stunts! Oh the joys of boys!

Here is some pics of some of the things I plan to spoil him with...coz you gotta do that you know! But I hope he turns into a gracious,caring and driven young man with places to go and people to see!

Paintings my friend Paula painted for his room

His Rock Star blankie coz I just had to have it! Can't you see a little boy dragging this behind him sucking on the corner of it like the boy from the Peanut's cartoon?

His Rebel blankie, Blue stocking hat (grandma made me pink and blue just in case) and his Mommie's Rookie shoes! eeeekkkkk! so cute!

The TH Onesie I would like TH to sign someday.

His Glittery Blue stars for his wall that go with the steel guitar cutouts my my buddy Matt is making me...stay tuned.

His Crib Set

and here is my little Humanoid!

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