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:) my first Blog here @ cherrytreerecords :D

Whats up ppl :)) haha wow i had this profile for like almost a year and i never do much except play games :) i like blogs especially when i make my own so here it is; my first blog :)) Ok Let me talk about myself. Umm I like talking to people buht with loud voices cuz i can able to hear them :D haha yepp anyway im turning 18 in a few months like in April. which is ok for me. Cuz i feel olddd and my big family keep teasing me saying that i wont able to do kid stuff much but that i could FINALLY go out with guys who i know very well and stay out late :)) SWEET :p I like talking to guys who are my besties even if i met him like a few months ago :) I barely have girl friends i dont know why maybe cuz theyre too drama queens for me i like Drama i wont deny that but i don't like it when its on me uqoqhh i hate that. ohh shoot I G2G

C ya :))

(: Laurita Always :)

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