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Hmm... Guys can I ask you some questions quickly??

[[yeh sure]]

ok thanks ^_^
one: When you guys go trick or treating do you say trick or treat when you knock on the doors or do you say something else like in mexico where they just say Halloween?

*longish pause*

[[Wow chat froze. we usually say trick or treat or in japenese Torikkuoatori^to]]

ohh thanks.
two: where did you learn to speak such good english?

[[We learn to speak english from school
In school here you learn japense and english]]

I did french and spanish but I didn't find it very usefull
three: Ok I have no idea how to say this subtly...

[[go ahead we'll awnser it as best as we can]]

well the question is how old are you guys?

[[well we don't give out ages. sorry]]

It's okay, I shouldn't have asked really ;C

four; can any of you guys cook well?

[[yes we can all cook kind off]]

five; on tour do you stay in hotels quite a bit or is it more on a tour bus?

[[hotels. tour buses are bumpy and crowded]]

haha yeah I guess, I suppose you only use the tour bus for long journeys right?

[[yeah but to go to osaka and back we just use the van.
Ryuuto usually sleeps in the van]]

six: Do you guys ever feel home sick?

[[no not really, sometimes. we dont reallt go far enough from home to get home sick.]]

thats the furthest tyou guys have been?

[[ Osaka we must say together as a band.
We are hoping to go to europe]]

that would be good, then we could get to see you guys play live.
seven; Do you guys ever get really angry with eatchother while on tour and just argue a lot?

[[we are like a familym but in like every family there are some arguing but not bad. Hang out together a lot too.
Like even we aren't together in the same house we usually call the others and talk to them]]

That is really sweet.
eight; do you guys have any pre show rituals you have to do before going on stage?

[[not really we usually take pictures of ourselves if that is counted as a ritual.
anymore questions?]]

Yes Sorry

[[its okay]]

nine: what is your favourite way to unwind after a show?

[[we like to drink and relax at home. well we must go for right now can we finsih this later?]]

It's quite late where I am so I will be asleep but thanks anyway guys

[[awe well sorry bye]]

bye thanks guys

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