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My CherryTree Player entertained Halloween kids!

lo-power transmitter kit for FM Broadcast Band

The Halloween trick or treat kids (and parents) got treated
to music from my Player here at CherryTree Records while
they were on the front sidewalk and porch collecting candy.

My desktop computer is just too clunky to move around, so
I built an FM Broadcast Band radio transmitter to send the
music from my PC to an FM table radio perched in the
transom over the front door. That did the trick!! (see pics)

I started the player at the first track of the "Halloween Show",
about 13 tracks in a group. I would just listen for the last track
of that group, "Ghost Busters", to finish, and go start the player
again at the top of the Halloween Show.

A group of kids was collecting candy at my front door
while Ray Parker Jr's "Ghost Busters" was playing, and it
was big smiles all around for everybody. "Happy Ghost
Buster's Day!" I said, and they thought that was great!

That happened twice! I lost count of how many times
I answered the door for Trick-or-Treat. All those bags
of candy, sheesh! But it was fun! The parents had fun, too.

Well, the kids, the candy, and the Tracks are long gone,
but there's always next year!

My front door, as seen from inside the house.


The FM transmitter circuit board as it came out of the box,
and also all soldered together and operational (top of blog).
Easy pickins' for me, electronics is a lifelong hobby.

Halloween Station ID for FM low-power transmitter. by USkipper

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