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Hi whats up? its Kana :)

This time i will tell u about my BIRTHDAY!!!
Well my b-day is Jan 5th.
This year I was sick(my stamache was not feeling well) so couldnt eat cake that day!
i was sad X( BUT i got many presents from my awesome friends!
They made me HAPPY! They are REALLY wonderful presents :D

Then,i ate a CHOCOLATE cake on 9th :) my mom made for me XD
That was so great cake :)
Also what made me happy when my b-day is Everyone said to me #HappyBirthday on Twitter!
My frineds on Twitter are so awesome XD i love u all!
i wanna show u all my presents!!!!but i cant X(
Btw,Thank u all my friends&family,i love u all =3 if you werent i couldnt be happy like now :)


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