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My passion is music, without music i feel like I probably wouldn't be here right now. It completes me and my passion is to be someone in my future. It's not about the money, it's not about all the luxury it's about doing what I feel is my dream. I want to represent michael forever, I never ever want him to be forgotten. I've been his fan since I was a baby and I'm telling the truth, I have been infuriated by all the fake people who used to make fun of him and now are his fans or people who used to hate him and now are saying they "love" him and he's their "favorite singer" they need to understand that that's not right. They can never be trusted and I've had a very special connection with michael. I've always been here for him and never ever once have doubted him. I love him so so so so very much that to tell everyone the truth my mind, heart, and soul is completely broken now. I miss him terribly. He will always live in my heart. Through all the times through elementary all my life i have been mistreated for even representing the king of pop, so I want to stand strong now and show the world, I will always love himm through my music and passion for Michael.

I love you.

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