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I love bands that have a unique sound. I really get tired of hearing something that is really just a rehash of 20 other bands out. Muse I am new to and I do like that band and will be buying their record. However as much as no one out on radio that I can tell is sounding like them, they seem to have another band out there that did not enjoy the success they are having now but sound very similar.

It all starts with Jeff Buckley I think,. I believe he is the "grandfather" of this sound. There is a band that formed in the mid 90's called Ours. I have always said that their first record "Distorted Lullibies" should have been the soundtrack to a movie like "underworld" or "twilight". The took Buckley's style and darkened it and copied his vocal style. Releases that followed distorted lullibies have been disappointing though.

Fast forward to me listening to the new Muse record. It seems too weird to be coincidence that that it sounds very similar to OURS so I wonder if the crossed paths at some point and why didn't OURS ever get the recognition for basically the same sound. The difference is I guess that OURS took the darker, middle ages rhythms, Jeff Buckley route and Muse cleverly took the 80's new wave kinda sound mixed with Queen. Either way I like it but the whole thing makes me wonder. Ours has an awesome cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

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