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MTV News picks ROBYN's Body Talk #3 Album of 2010!

#3. Robyn, Body Talk

All hail the new Queen of Electro Pop. In 2010, Robyn released three albums of staggeringly great, pulse-quickening pump, a feat that, on sheer effort alone, probably would've earned her the crown. But unlike any of her contemporaries (insert whomever you'd like here), she infused her tunes with genuine heart, filling even her sweetest bon bons ("Dancing on My Own," "Hang With Me") with a heartbreakingly sour center. Of course, sometimes, she just wanted to get down, and when she did (in songs like "Dancehall Queen" and "Fembot"), she distanced herself from the pack too. You can heap on the accolades, but at the end of the day, what makes Robyn's triumphant rise so great is that she did it her way, never compromising and never looking back. Picking up the mantle of fellow Swedes like ABBA and Ace of Base, she now lords over dance floors worldwide. And she doesn't show any signs of abdicating the throne anytime soon. Long may she reign.

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