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When on Wednesday evening, three hours prior to the Moscow concert, on a city the message has swept that "carnival" will not be, after it jokes fell down: a pier, have not sold enough of tickets — here the main reason of an incident. According to organizers, in Petersburg "Ice" it has been sold more than three thousand tickets, in Moscow "Olympic" — more than ten thousand, and it is quite enough of it, that concerts have taken place. Both in Peter, and German rock stars came to Moscow, lived in expensive hotels with all accompanying and technicians. In general, intended to act.

In St.-Petersburg the concert even has begun — admirers of group have started in a premise, the warming up Russian team of "Pro100Marija" then fans помариновали in a hall — and on a scene there were not dressed up and painted young handsome men, and the organizer of the Russian round Tatyana Dalskaja has sung. She declared that show will not take place. Fans have assured that tickets will be valid for a concert in Moscow. Whether the Petersburg fan-club in capital — it is not known, but this step from outside enamoured in Tokio Hotel girls would be quite logical. Musicians have gone to Moscow by the comfortable buses equipped with toilet rooms and kitchens. But hardly even in such lordly conditions their travel on our roads was pleasant.

In Moscow “Tokio Hotel” have distributed autographs and have gone on a platform. In "Olympic" Tokio Hotel already acted, the hall was not new to musicians. Their manager was new. Having examined a platform, it has made the decision on concert cancellation. Actors have left back home, having refused comments. 18 trucks with the equipment have developed, without unloading. Gathered at "Olympic" фанаток have dispersed on houses.

Let's notice that Tokio Hotel time and again cancelled in a similar way not only concerts, but also the whole rounds. But the Mrs. Dalsky already three times brought Tokio Hotel to Russia and has been this time assured that all will pass smoothly. Its company has paid 100 percent of the fee to actors, has paid arrival and residing, has solved problems at customs. Tokio Hotel did not start up in the country of that musicians have decided to take with themselves dogs … As a result group has received mountain of problems and hassle. The Company-organizer has lost a large quantity of money. Now negotiations on conflict settlement will for certain be tightened for a long time. There has passed also the information that the offended admirers have incurred statements in militia. Organizers say that from militia to them while nobody called and did not come.

However, as it was possible to find out to correspondents “МК”, some tens persons nevertheless have addressed in ОВД "Tver". Basically it is admirers of group of a province, and from the most distant corners of Russia, even from Kamchatka. In "Olympic" it have told that the concert is excellent, and indemnification for tickets can be received to the address: Tver, 20. Citizens were on the address and have found out there … an apartment house. Now the militia inspects to solve, whether to raise criminal case upon swindle.
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