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god….god…,, my only god. . .
Guys, now what u going to do if u’ve tried ur best but u don’t succeed?
Got what u really didn’t hope to get. .
In this case doesn’t mean that I wanna ask more and more, not complaining either . .(may be a bit to others and the big rest, Im complaining my self)
….umh…,, i just want to kno...
bcoz after all what ive done . .. . ,, after i done what best to do....
still I got no maximum result . .
fell like totally pissed.
D‘ya ever feel like that so?
when u try any positive way to handle something that u want to conquer
but suddenly . .,, the result was soooooooooooooooooo far than u expect . . , even zero !?
well,, I know that people have to do better and better, do some more hard effort, and “failed” is not the end of everything . .
and we must find out what makes us failed, what makes that failure happen . ., so that we got no more failure . .
But what gonna happen if that failure loves u ?

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