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After a great star of pop culture dies, there are fanatics who imagine seeing their idols live, after a carefully planned scheme to make his death a travesty.

Such is the case of several videos on the popular website YouTube, which distributes a piece which is entitled "Michael Jackson is alive" and take a long interview in English, but Spanish subtitles are added to a completely different conversation.

In it, the pop star's "confession" had feigned death to generate money enough to discharge their debts, but in reality, the conversation is about listening to his father and how he punished with belt in hand, to keep you dancing well.

The video takes a number of similarities to Spanish English, some phrases verbatim, but the meaning given to it is another conversation altogether: the original, where he talks about his childhood, to the false, where the star "confessed" to have feigned his death for money.

In another video will be out several theories that Jackson has been seen in Mexico, United States and Europe, "and that the person shown in the photograph with a respirator entering the hospital in Los Angeles is not Jackson, but a terminal patient had made several surgeries like Michael.

The video also joked with the possibility that Jacko returns to his hiding place and do a tour as trinufal Harbor.

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