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To the FM Free Wired fam. Important message…
We’ve been inspired by you and yall are why we stay movin and workin… always wired. From the old family reppin us from waaay back to the new family we’re meeting with every comment and update online and at shows… We need everyone’s help… we never thought in a billion years we’d be able to release a full album on a major record label such as Cherrytree/ Interscope Records and cuz of all the love and work everyones put in together, that dream and that day is finally here. October friggin 12th is the day we live free and stay wired. We made this album to represent you. We wrote these songs to let the world in on how we’re all geekin out as ourselves and we’re wired for life and nothing else matters.

From Downtown LA to around the world we’re all family… lets hit facebook, myspace, twitter, tumbler, music blogs, food sites, youtube… and anywhere on this planet you can think of and show the world how to be FREE WIRED.

Here’s the album cover, please bomb it anywhere you can with the text: Far East Movement’s new “Free Wired” album is coming October 12th.

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